Dental Inlays & Onlays Are An Alternative To Fillings

Absolutely everyone wants a picture-perfect smile. For a long time, dentists have sought ways to treat dental issues. While esthetics were a factor, they didn’t always reach what we’d consider beautiful. Function was the priority. But thanks to advancements in techniques, technology, and materials, dentists in Calgary can emphasize both function and looks. If you end up having a large cavity, we may recommend a dental inlay or onlay to restore the tooth.

Your Calgary dentist explains inlays and onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are made from acrylic resin material and microscopic particles. These materials are shaped and cured to offer patients optimal strength. An inlay fits in the grooves of a tooth’s biting surface, similar to a filling. An onlay fits over one or more cusps of the tooth. They blend with your natural smile, so no one will ever know you’ve been to us for this restorative treatment. The teeth they are used on are the premolars (two teeth directly behind the canine teeth) and molars (at the very back of your mouth).

Preparation time is minimal as we only need to get rid of the decayed parts of the tooth. Before placing them in your mouth, we will take an impression of the tooth. This impression goes to a lab. Skilled technologists will then create your inlay or onlay. In the meantime, we’ll put a temporary filling on the tooth to protect and preserve it.

Are dental inlays or onlays right for you? Call us to find out – or learn more.

Discover dental inlays & onlays

  • Boost the strength of your tooth
  • Safe & effective restorative option
  • Durable solution
  • An attractive & discrete option.