Composite Fillings: A Perfect Match For Your Natural Smile

Composite fillings are a great approach to restoring a tooth, both cosmetically and functionally. At CHV Dental, your dentist in Calgary, we regularly use this technique to protect a tooth affected by decay for the long term.

First, let’s tackle cavities. When the foods we eat mix with bacteria in our mouths, a chemical reaction causes acid to form. This acid can wear away enamel, contributing to tooth decay. After some time, a small hole appears in the enamel’s surface, and there’s a cavity. As it gets bigger, it paves the way for infection and additional decay that diminishes the tooth and results in pain and eventually tooth loss.

What separates composite from amalgam fillings?

The great thing about composite (white) resin restorations or tooth-coloured fillings is that only a tiny amount of tooth structure has to be removed. They bond to the tooth, making them incredibly strong and easy to work with in various situations. Less tooth structure has to be removed for them to work. With silver fillings, the tooth has to be shaped a certain way to keep it in place. Best of all, white fillings blend in with your natural smile. No one but us will know you have one in your mouth!

At CHV Dental, your dentist in Calgary, we’ve restored many patients’ teeth with composite fillings after removing their cavities. This robust and long-lasting material is so versatile and reliable.

Call our office right away if you believe you may have a cavity. We’ll get you in for treatment!

Call us about composite fillings

  • They match the rest of your smile
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Mercury-free
  • Placed in just one visit
  • Bonded directly to teeth.