Dentures Restore Function And Facial Appearance

Is your smile not quite what you want it to be due to tooth loss? Are you having trouble eating the foods you love? We encourage you to learn about dentures, a fantastic option for many people experiencing tooth loss.

How do dentures work?

In a nutshell, dentures are a removable replacement for teeth that are no more. The two options are partial and complete dentures. Partials are used when some natural teeth have been lost. And as you probably guessed, complete dentures are provided when all teeth have fallen out.

What makes dentures so great?

One of the tremendous benefits of dentures is regaining the ability to eat foods that require significant chewing power. While it may take some getting used to at first, you’ll soon get in a groove and not even realize you’re eating with dentures. We recommend starting by cutting foods into tiny pieces and being cautious when consuming hard, sharp, or hot foods. Nutrition suffers significantly when a person can’t eat properly because of tooth loss. Another thing patients love is that we can take years off their appearance. Tooth loss results in a “sunken-in” look – a common characteristic of older people.

Are dentures worn all the time?

Your dentist in Calgary will advise how much you should wear your dentures and when to take them out. A few days after getting them, we may ask you wear them 24/7. This is often the fastest way to pinpoint which parts of your dentures require modification.

Are dentures right for you? Call today! We’d be happy to arrange a no-obligation consultation to answer that question.

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  • Enjoy a variety of foods & better nutrition
  • Show off your complete smile
  • Reverse an aged appearance
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Prevent future oral health issues.