Emergency Dentistry For Any Situation

There are numerous advantages of choosing a practice that provides emergency dentistry, not least of which is that you will have access to a dentist should you need urgent care following an injury or if you experience dental pain. You can count on CHV Dental to be in your corner whenever you need us.

Stop the Pain

Surprises in life can result in a dental injury that requires immediate treatment by a dentist. If you’ve ever been in a situation when you needed prompt emergency dentistry but could not find a practice that could fit you in, you can certainly appreciate that our dentist in Calgary makes time to accommodate patients experiencing a variety of oral emergencies. We can stop the pain quickly and effectively when you trust us with your immediate dental needs.

See us for emergency dental care, not an ER doctor

There is often confusion about where to go for the right type of treatment for a dental emergency. Since pain can be a factor with a tooth injury or dental issue, people often mistakenly think that the ER would be able to address the problem. Unfortunately, there is only so much they can do. Our staff at CHV Dental will provide professional advice when you call us with your dental issue. We’ll offer recommendations on managing pain and let our team know that you’re on your way in to see us. We’re careful not to overbook our patients to ensure time for emergencies.

We treat dental injuries

If you’ve suffered an injury and require emergency dentistry in Calgary, we recommend that you come in to receive treatment as soon as possible. Teeth that are broken off or chipped can lacerate adjacent tissue in the mouth and pose a severe threat. When cared for properly, knocked-out teeth can often be saved with prompt dental oversight.

For immediate dental restoration, tooth-colored bonding can prevent further injury. After a thorough assessment of the injury, our staff will repair the damage that needs immediate attention, manage pain, and schedule additional visits to restore your smile.

If you’re in pain, call

Our patients often tell us they’re never quite sure if certain dental matters are considered an emergency. We like to tell our patients that any painful situation is a dental emergency. Don’t hesitate to call our office if you need emergency dentistry immediately.

Keep our emergency number written down in a place where you’ll be able to quickly find it during the chaos that can ensue after an injury or while experiencing a toothache. We recommend storing our number in your phone’s contact list under “Emergency Dentist” for quick location.

Do You Need Fast and Effective Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, AB?

If you suffer an unexpected accident that causes damage to your teeth, mouth, or gums, then it is crucial that you contact your local dentist for emergency dental care. At CHV Dental, we offer high quality emergency dentistry in Calgary, AB, so whether you have suffered a broken or knocked out tooth, are experiencing severe pain, have a tooth through the gum, or you have a tooth extrusion, then our caring and compassionate team provides immediate assistance that will prevent further damage. For an appointment call us today at (825) 252-5839.

Call right away for emergency dentistry

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